Frequently asked questions

What is the Lead-Free MV (LFMV) Coalition?

The LFMV Coalition is a group of diverse organizations and constituencies who work together to reach the common goal of reducing childhood lead poisoning by using three approaches:

• Prevent it (Environmental) • Treat it (Medical) • Address it (Policy)

What is lead?

• Lead is a natural element and neurotoxin - a poison that destroys nerve tissue -
and can cause permanent brain damage and/or developmental delays.
• There’s no safe level of exposure to lead. • Lead exposure can have lifelong consequences that cost society billions nationwide. • Lead was common in household products, especially paint until 1978.

Where does lead poisoning occur?

• Most cases of childhood lead poisoing in the Mohawk Valley have been identified in Cornhill and West Utica, but lead poisoning risks exist in most housing built before 1978. • The age of the Mohawk Valley housing stock and inadequate maintenance are the main reasons.

What is being done?

• Lead is a problem decades in the making and won’t go away overnight. • Many Colation partners have been providing resources to the community in order to address the problem. See the list of Partners and Resources. • In 2016, a coalition of these partner organizations meets regularly to find more effective ways to work together for greater impact.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in joining the Coaltion or supporting our projects, email to learn more.

Where can I get help?

• Health Department - Oneida County

Public Health - Herkimer County