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Get Your Child Tested

LEAD POISONING: The National Lead Information Center offers resources about lead, lead hazards, and preventing lead exposure.  Many lead information documents are available in multiple languages online at

  • Central/Eastern New York Lead Poisoning Resource Center at University Hospital, 750 East Adams Street, Syracuse, NY 13210   Phone: 315-464-7584

LEAD & COVID 19:  Keep your home safe from Lead and Health Hazards during COVID-19.  Be aware of increased health risks from spending a significant amount of time in older housing, with relatives, or at a childcare provider.

New York State Law requires all kids be tested for lead at age 1 and again at age 2 by their doctor or health care provider.  If your child needs a lead test and you don’t have a doctor that you see regularly, there are clinics in Utica where they do lead testing on site. 

You can call to become a patient and/or schedule an appointment at the following:

  • MVHS Sister Rose Vincent Family Medicine Center , 120 Hobart Street, Utica, NY 13501.  Phone: 315-798-1149 

  • Mosaic Health Utica, 1651 Oneida Street, Utica, NY 13501.

         Phone: 315-793-7600

  • Upstate Family Health Center, 1001 Noyes Street, Utica, NY 13502.   

         Phone: 315-624-9470

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Get Your HOME Tested

LEAD PAINT: Lead is most often found on old windows, doors, floors, painted siding and porches and in bare soil.  Normal wear and tear and damage can cause old lead paint to break down into lead dust that settles onto window sills and floors; the places where children play and put their toys. You can't see dust from lead paint, but just a tiny bit in your home can be harmful to children. 

Lead Safe Utica grant program through the HomeOwnershipCenter will identify the lead paint hazards found in your home and work with local lead abatement certified contractors to remove them for free! If you live in a home located in Utica and built before 1978 you could be eligible for grant funding to treat these lead paint hazards. The Lead Safe Utica program available for rental properties and owner occupied homes.

  • In Utica - contact UNHS HomeOwnershipCenter,  1611 Genesee St, Utica, NY 13501.    

         Phone: 315-724-4197 or visit

If you live in the Mohawk Valley, Rome or the surrounding areas, you can still have your home tested, but there is a cost for this service.  There are two firms that can test for lead hazards in your home:

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Get Your WATER Tested

LEAD IN WATER: Lead can also be found in your home's water. Sometimes lead is present in the pipes and fixtures in older homes which can leach into your drinking water.  This can have negative health impacts on pregnant women and children.


Mohawk Valley Water Authority is working to identify lead service lines in pre-1940 housing to protect the health of residents.  There are about 2,500 lead and partial lead water lines in the Mohawk Valley service area that should be replaced.  The water authority is encouraging residents living in older  homes get their water tested for free at the Water Quality Department.

  • MVWA  customers - contact the Water Authority, 1 Kennedy Plaza, Utica, NY 13502.  

         Phone: 315-792-0338 or

If you live in the Mohawk Valley, Rome or the surrounding areas, you can still have your water tested, but there is a cost for this service.  For water call 315-792-0338 or visit to learn about laboratory testing.

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Get Your SOIL Tested

LEAD IN SOIL: Free lead soil screenings take place in the City of Utica  every few years. Residents can bring a soil sample in a zip top plastic bag to be screened for lead. To get more information and learn how to collect a sample, visit


Cornell Cooperative Extension Oneida County can provide additional soil testing services, if you live in the Mohawk Valley, Rome or the surrounding areas, but there is a cost for this service.

  •   CCE Oneida County, 121 Second Street, Oriskany, New York 13424.  ​

Phone: 315-736-3394 or visit

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